Saturday, January 29

The Art Stork is preparing for flight!

This is my first time blogging on artstork. Here goes!

This winter I have been wearing many hats (mom, artist, art teacher) and trying on some new ones too (ebay seller, amazon seller, etsy-wanna-be seller) as I slowly adjust to the area. But Pennsylvania has been treating me well, no complaints! As a SAHM with my not-quite-two-year-old daughter, I have had some time to think about a few projects since our move in August. These "projects" have been stewing in my sketchbooks since graduate school and piling up on my desk and in my studio space and have now led to the birth of the Art Stork!

I'm excited about this new adventure and anticipate that this business will come to fruition and be successful! So bear with me as I become more blog and website savvy. I have an old computer with no flash capabilities (image that!) and have to resort to borrowing a laptop or going to the good old library.

So here is where I would like to give kudos to SimandCharlieDesigns on for creating the image for my blog, website, and Etsy store front, "The Art Stork"! Tina is a talented graphic designer! She has an excellent turn around time for custom designs, easy to contact, great prices and wonderful to work with. I will be back for her services in the future for sure!!!

What to expect on this blog...well...lots of stuff! I kind of think of The Art Stork in "lab" status at the moment while I work our some kinks in my products and designs and also to give me accountability (I've invested time, money, and lots of sweat and tears!). No more just dreaming about taking my talents, skills, and desires to another level but actually moving forward.

Hope to hear from you & enjoy!


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