Thursday, April 28

Tick Tock! No Time to Write!

Time is precious these days. My schedule is all over the place for the next few months. It's filled with random days of substitute teaching in 5 different school districts (yes, 5!), completing silhouette portraits, designing new aprons, taking Ruby to 3 different appointments, hosting a GASLAND movie screening and putting effort into finding a full time teaching position for the fall. I get a little stressed out just thinking about what's on my plate! So to help me through the craziness over the next few months I have complied a list of books or articles that I wish I had time to write. *disclaimer: This list is for entertainment purposes only. You should be laughing after reading this.

1. "Why our school educational system should get rid of core subjects and keep specials". Duh, specials are more fun! Who doesn't love splattering paint on canvas Jackson Pollack style or playing dodge ball all day long?

2. "
Welcome to Gasylvania: Why Pennsylvania should consider changing it's name". It has nothing to do with beans. Think large trucks, exploitive corporations, and produced water.

3. "How to maximize your free time into creative time while baby sleeps: Working in baby steps". Maybe it's because I'm a teacher but I view my day as a day of teaching. I have to plan out my day the night before and prep my art spaces and projects before hand so that when I do have "Chelsea time" it can truly be mine and productive.

Ok! That felt awesome to get a few things off my chest and now it's time to pick up the baby & take a walk in the sunshine! Thank goodness for grandmas!


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