Sunday, May 8

Mommy's Little Helper

My daughter Ruby wears many hats just like her mother! We call her Ruby Reader because she is always with a book and requesting us to read to her. Ruby Cleaner because when ever there is a spill she knows exactly what to do! Ruby Rabbit because she likes to hop around the house and she will eat her carrots if we call it "Bunny Applesauce". And lately she's been known as Ruby Fixer because she loves to wear my latest Tool Belt Kids Play Apron & fix things around the house. Her favorite spot to "fix" is our little cafe table. She knows where to find our mini screwdrivers and does very well at lining up the tool and the screw. She takes it very seriously and will come show me what she has accomplished each time! Too cute! Too precious!

Happy Mother's Day!

Chelsea & Ruby

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