Tuesday, May 31

Toot My Own Horn Tuesday!

Ok, so Tuesdays are now known as "Toot My Own Horn Tuesday"! Each Tuesday I will (try to) post something new I have tried & give you inside tips on how it was done! I think it's important to stop & take a look at the "little" things we try & accomplish but even more to pat yourself on the back :)

Here is my first attempt at adding felt flowers to a cotton tank top (Target $1). My inspiration to add flowers to this pink tank came from a blue cotton tank top that I have & love from Old Navy. I'm always looking at how the box store designers spruce up a simple top & have been cataloging the ideas for months now in my head! Lately, I've been feeling guilty for not sewing any cute things for my daughter, Ruby. I've been super busy teaching, sewing aprons, and putting my items up in local stores that my "Ruby Projects" have been piling up. So, I had a little alone and free time this morning so I decided to make it a "Ruby Sewing Morning".

Here's what you need to make your very own "Felt Flower Tank":
-30 (uninterrupted ) minutes
-felt scrap pieces (2 colors)
-disappearing ink marker (you can use a highlighter instead, just be sure you trace it on the backside to hide it!)
-tank top (clearance rack)
-contrasting thread (I always sew with white or off white thread!)

-draw by free handing a flower petal shape onto 1 piece of felt color (dark pink)
-cut it out
-now take that flower petal & carefully trace it onto the rest of that same felt color (you will need 7 total petals out of this 1st color--dark pink)
-next, free hand a smaller petal shape onto your 2nd felt color (light pink)
-cut it out (before you cut the rest measure the small shape on top of the large petal shape. Make any adjustment needed!)
-now trace the small petal shape onto your second felt color (you will need 7 total petals out of this 1st color--light pink)
*If you notice in the photo I got a little crazy with tracing my petals at first! I started to trace 13 petals like the number of petals on my shirt and realized that I had to cut back on them to make this a "pint sized" tank!

Now the fun part!
-arrange your petals (small on top of large) on your tank to your liking
-pin petals in place
-sew a straight stitch down the middle of each petal (I sewed a double straight line to really anchor the petals on!)
-Viola! your done.

Take pictures of your fabulous Felt Flower Tank & brag about it as you pat yourself on the back!

I'm very happy with the results & can't wait for her try it on! She's getting in the stage of "picking" out her own clothes which is always hysterical!

I have another tank but yellow...I'm thinking a starfish or something beachy...What do you think?


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SwedenEyre said...

That is so cute!!! I gotta try it....thanks for the idea and instructions!