Monday, June 6

Weekend Displays

I finally bought myself a child sized mannequin last week and love it love it love it! I borrowed a smaller one from a local seamstress (thank you Sandy from the Sewing B!). So after playing around with my aprons & photographing them I just knew I had to get my own! I was hesitant to buy one because you just never know what you're getting when shopping on-line but I am very happy with the one I purchased. So look for new photos of my aprons soon on Etsy!

*Tavia--do you recognize the curtains hanging on our cafe window? hahaha! I remembered I had them and hung them during our latest heat wave! We really like them & think we will be keeping them up. There's something to say about window treatments! Thanks again!

I attended an open house art show on Saturday with the 2 lovely founders of Port Penn Peddlers to stake out some artists to add to their art consignment shop that will be opening this month here in Muncy (details coming soon!). It was located on a beautiful creekside property that hosted glass, wood, fiber, and jewelery artists. It was a ton of fun with Lara and Noreen & their itty bitty dog Sam! We mingled and chatted it up the artist and nibbled on delicious finger food! I laughed the entire time! It was hard not to buy something from each booth so I limited myself to handmade soap made with Calendula to aid in healing Matt's sun burn (don't get me going on that story! Sometimes I have to pack 2 diaper bags--1 for Ruby & 1 for Matt! Enough said!) So this picture above is a clever sign that I found. It's birch tree bark that was turned into a little sign using a permanent marker! I think I gasped out loud when I saw it! Birch trees are my favorite tree (along with weeping willows!) and my mind started spinning with ways to incorporate this idea into some of my own signs for upcoming art festivals.

Hope you enjoyed the displays & it inspires you to use them in your home/art/crafts!


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