Friday, September 30

First Days of Fall...

Last weekend Ruby and I traveled to Central New York to visit my sister and her family. It was a slice of heaven! My sister recently moved into her new country place over the summer from a quaint home located in the "granola" section of Syracuse also known as the Westcott area or university neighborhood. I was sad when I learned she was moving out of her city home as for I have lots of good memories there. It was the first place I lived after moving from Los Angeles to begin graduate school. It was my first "studio" space that we dubbed the "craft room" or as her husband preferred to call it the "crap room"! I'll be honest my room was filled with art and craft "treasures" that were waiting to become masterpieces. Some are still waiting! My best friend at the beginning was their dog, Duke, who was a huge, lovey pup that was the size of a small horse. He was so protective of the house that he would let us know if anyone was even looking our way! I felt so safe and loved with him around.

And then there are memories of her two children growing up there...babies coming home from the hospital, enjoying their first foods, learning to crawl and walk, potty training, first day of kindergarten and birthday parties. I lived there for about a year and spent a lot of my time there after whether it was having dinner, babysitting on date night, doing my laundry, or sipping a cold brew in the adirondack chairs after work catching up on each other's week. Sweet memories on Miles Avenue!

But now I'm even more in love with my sister's new house that already feels like a home! The front porch was warming with mums, comfy chairs and a new welcome mat. The dining room was "kid friendly" with it's cardboard castle fit for a king and queen that pushed the table and chairs out of its way! Ruby loved fixing it with her hammer all weekend long! And one of my favorite spots was the family room which was the host for our pipe dreams that we chatted about late into the night.

The cherry on top of this perfect country home was the pumpkin farm right next door! From the kitchen window you could see Dominic the donkey and Cody the horse. I never heard a donkey hee-haw like Dominic before, especially at 6 am! It's not like the cartoon donkeys at all! Wicked loud and startling.

We were official corn maze testers, too! The pumpkin farmer asked to test out the corn maze before its grand opening the following weekend. We had a blast reading the clues and taking turns being the leader, whistles and all! This farm uses solar engery and all the maze signs were solar facts...pretty cool!

At the end of the pumpkin farm trip we tasted the apples from my sister's yard and talked about what we could make from them. I hope there's an apple pie waiting for us next weekend at our annual Cramer Oktoberfest!

It seems to me that this post has now become an entry from my journal. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my world and things that make me smile...autumn, pumpkin farms and family.

Cheers to all!

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