Thursday, October 27

Little Red Riding Hood! Costume preview...

Ruby has recently become infatuated with the Max and Ruby series after renting a video from our local library. We were lucky enough to enjoy the traveling musical at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport a few weeks ago and she loved it! She was the quietest 2 year old I have ever seen in a theater. So when we asked what she would like to dress up as for Halloween she elected to be "Little Red Ruby Hood"! Too perfect!

So here is her red hooded cape I made for less than $4 (red ribbed fabric on clearance and the rest were scraps from my stash). I found some inspiration from the blog indietutes and altered along the way based on what I had available. I took one of Ruby's hooded coats and traced around it for the right size and just added 3-4 inches to each side. For the hood, I added a layer of felt then a lining of vintage fabric on top to keep her warm on Halloween night. She loves to wear her hoods rather than an actually hat! I created a small tube casing just at the very edges of the cape for a drawstring. I used a thick piece of white ribbon and added a little bit of elastic to each end for stretching to give it that extra safety precaution. I always think the worst about strings around necks and toddlers, you just never know! So the drawstring doesn't go all the way around and through the hooded cape, just the edges. I only had so much of the ribbon and little bit of time. I made this in under an hour with interruptions and fittings along the way. She loves it and has worn it every day since carrying around a basket and rehearsing her lines with daddy!

This is reading time for our little "Ruby Reader"!

P.S. I will be the wolf to coordinate with Ruby...I will show you how I'm going to transform a dolphin pillow pet into wolf ears and a tail soon!

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