Sunday, February 20

Baby Shower Gifts

A good friend of mine is expecting so to celebrate I made her some baby items that I just loved when I was a new mom. I made her 2 changing pads (1 small-black &white pattern and 1 large-orange with green and white dots), and a sun/nursing blanket (animal pattern). The changing pads are backed with terry cotton cloth that help with absorbtion. These come in handy to change your baby anywhere (public bathrooms, living room floors and back seats of the car) to protect your little one. And these can also become a quick, emergency diaper when you find yourself in a diaper less situation.

The sun/nursing blanket (top photo) is very versatile! It's great to cover your baby in the baby carrier or in the stroller to keep the sun out of their eyes (or to keep strangers from touching!). I also adapted my sun blankets by adding a snapable strap with elastic to attach to the baby carrier or stroller. BUT this also works as a nursing cover! You can simply attach the strap to your bra strap and be hands free. And another great way to use the sun/nursing blanket is to lay it down for a play area where ever you are and not so sure of the floor. It's light weight and easy to wash with everyday items!
I will post pictures of the exact how-to's soon!

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