Thursday, February 24

The Circus is in Town!

Not really! But I think I have just made my most favorite apron so far! I call it the "Big Top Circus" apron. The idea came to me late last night while rummaging through my bins of fabric as I clenched onto an elephant appliqué I could not figure out what to do with. As soon as I saw the circus like pattern with bright colors and confetti dots I yelled out "CIRCUS!" So with in minutes I matched up some striped fabric and random felt scraps to plan out the design. While Ruby slept today (my not-quite0-two 2 yr old) I was able to complete the design. It took way longer than expected but I had to think inside and out to avoid some "sewing traps" I like to refer to as those moments when you let out a giant sigh followed a few grumbles! I don't like working from patterns, well I don't like sticking to patterns is a better way to describe my style of sewing. So I think the real time sucker was making up my own pattern/templates and making notes to make it brainless next time I make this style of apron.

My plan is to make a series of aprons with specific themes like the circus, farms, domestic pets, and endangered species to name a few with a general design for each but change out the actual animal. I'm thinking "assembly line" style! My biggest challenge with sewing is wanting to make so many varieties of everything that comes to mind. I'm trying to train myself to just make the best of the best and lay the rest to rest! Baby steps :)

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