Wednesday, March 23

Fabric Birthday Banner

I promised I would show you the fabric birthday banner I created, so here it is!

I used a bunch of my daughter's stained infant onesies and shirts that weren't going to make it to the donation center along with scrap fabric from my kids aprons. The banner is reversible with 12 triangles and measures about 12.5 feet long. My daughter is turning two very soon so this is something special I've been waiting to make for her. I'm contemplating putting her name on one side or stitching "Happy Birthday"...hmmm. I kind of like it the way it is, simple and sweet with little memories from when she was tiny. I also thought of making another one! It's addicting once you get going. Maybe I'll make one for each room! Just kidding. Ok, time to start planning out the party favors!


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