Monday, March 21

The Lifespan of an Apron

How long would you expect something you bought yesterday to last? Well, that obviously depends on what that "thing" is, how well it was cared for, and most importantly the quality of materials it is made of. We live in a throw-away society in which people are willing to purchase cheaply made products that may seem popular or part of a fad knowing that they can easily be replaced once it's reached it short lifespan instead of buying higher quality products at a different price.

My aprons are made from quality cotton fabrics that are durable, easy to clean and will last a lifetime (or longer!). I view aprons as something that can be handed down to the next generation, creating memories for each person who wears them, cleans them, and stores them for that next child.

My mom gave me some vintage aprons this past fall that I love to pull out and admire the details every so often. I try to image who wore them...Was she a stay at home mom like me who sewed in between naps and diaper changes ? Was she a spinster with 10 cats, 2 friends, and hot tea always brewing (probably not because it's doesn't smell like cats or have any tea stains!) Was she a secret feminist who wore her apron during the day but ran women's liberation meetings at night in her local community? The story changes every time I see them. We all like stories and creating memories. If you haven't read my blog "The History of Aprons", check it out. It'll give you a new perspective on aprons!

What to do with an apron that is beyond repair(not sure how that would happen...maybe it got caught in your paper shredder?) or has permanent blueberry pie stains? That's when you can save parts of the apron and make a quilt or create a Happy Birthday Bunting Banner from The Art Stork! Check back for how you can get a custom made fabric banner creating a hanging fabric scrapbook on childhood memories. Here are 3 clues to what makes up a bunting banner:
1. scissors
2. scrap fabric
3. memories

Post a picture of your favorite apron!

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