Thursday, March 17

The Emotions behind my art...

Lets talk about emotions. All art has an emotion attached with it. Some intentional, some underlying. In my art, I mainly try to convey a playful emotion that connects to the child in all of us! You may notice some of my characters have a balloon tied to them and seem a little unsure if it's a good thing. Have you ever wished you could just float away when you're in one of those situations or having an awful day?

But in other pieces my characters have dreamlike emotions wishing they had their favorite things. Take the walrus for example, he has a distant expression on his face for he is maybe daydreaming of all the fish he'd love to be snacking on.

I aim to create a scene on each apron in which you can narrate what is going on with the animal. It's kind of like setting up the stage and have the cast ready but you and your child can be the directors and create your own story!

Art is the door to creativity.


SwedenEyre said...

I like that your aprons are not what you see on the end cap at a box store. Love the farm one that ties in to your nieces birthday gifts. So personal!

Chelsea O. said...

Thank you thank you thank you! That's exactly what I want people to notice. It's so easy to just buy something at the store because it's cute, cheap, and safe but my aprons are that and more! Well, not "cheap" but more like affordable and well made here in the USA not over seas. Glad you like them!