Wednesday, March 16

What's exciting me this week?

What's exciting me this week? A trip to the farm! To celebrate our little cousin's 7th birthday we are taking a trip to a local farm to see some animals and hopefully we will be able to see baby lambs born! This trip has inspired me to make an apron for her birthday gift with a sweet farm twist to plaid, durable canvas, bright yellow fabric and girly purple= modern farm girl apron!

From her family, the birthday girl will be receiving a new pet bunny and a bunch of ducklings to raise (and then let go in her aunt's pond). So a bunny and duck are the highlights of this apron.

I left the edges of the pockets raw/unfinished to add a little bit of a ruggedness and to give it more texture. Overall, I wanted to achieve modern, country, and durable in this apron and think it was successful!

What's exciting you this week?

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