Wednesday, March 30

Vintage Postcards

I miss receiving and writing postcards and hand written letters. When I lived in Italy I would write to my family and friends often about my experiences and would even sometimes draw and paint my own postcard on watercolor paper. Mail was such important part of living abroad. It helped me reconnect with people that I missed when I felt a little homesick (yes, it's true! I did miss NY and Cali every so often). We had mailboxes on the main level of the scuola (school) and everybody, and I mean everybody would check it at least 3 times a day! It was so much fun to open anything from the states and the best was to share something from the care package your mom or best friend mailed.

So, to keep this the art of postcards alive I'm going to draw and paint one to send to a friend today! I hope you'll be inspired to try one yourself!

This image is Vintage Handwritten Postcard Art Collage Sheet from AlicesLookingGlass. Makes me want to start collecting these beautiful works of art!

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