Wednesday, April 6

Steps to My Creations!

When making my artsy aprons, I generally find inspiration from the color or design from eye catching fabrics. I let the fabric speak to me and a character and scene will emerge! It may take me 15 minutes to decide which color coordinating fabrics I will use or it may take me 2 weeks. If it's not an instant creation I will make little piles of "aprons in progress" that will sit all over my studio. I keep these piles in view so that when I do have a few extra minutes I can quickly try out some ideas I had while my coffee brews or between answering emails. Outta sight, outta mind!

My studio space is very small but I make use of every square inch possible! I also have to keep it "Ruby-Proof" these days because my 2 year old daughter is an excellent climber and loves to mimic everything I do--so scissors go up high, sewing machine stays unplugged, and all paint tubes are double checked for tight lids.

Once I have made a final decision on the fabrics & apron's theme, it's basically "smooth sewing" from there. I can sew an apron during Ruby's nap time (~2hrs.) as long as there are no interruptions, I have enough supplies & my machine cooperates!

Next post will be on organizing and tidying tips from my studio!
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