Friday, April 8

Studio Tips from The Art Stork!

Today's blog will give you a few pointers on keeping an organized and tidy studio no matter the size or space!

Tips: 1. Organize organize organize!
Invest in see through plastic bins of all sizes and label them. When you can see what's inside a box it'll help spark you're memory of the supplies you really do have!

2. Create a space
Designate a space where you can safely leave a project without fear of a child, a pet, or weather (sun, rain, wind) can destroy your project in progress.

3. Create an inspiration board
Collect inspiring images, fabrics, or project sketches so they don't get lost or forgotten.
(a small cork board works well & is inexpensive)

4. Designate piles--a scrap pile of salvageable pieces and a trash bin (these are 2 different piles! and be honest with yourself if it is truly something you can reuse! It's hardwired in artist to keep every little thing "just in case".)

5. Take small breaks
When you're having project frustrations make yourself take a time-out! Check your mailbox, brush your teeth (I have a million project solving ideas when I'm in the bathroom or shower!), make a cup of coffee, do some jumping jacks, play music loud and dance out your project ills! Just by removing yourself from the environment for 10-15 minutes can be a tremendous help you.

Tell me what works for your in your studio! How do you organize? When do you clean up? Describe solutions for an unusual space.

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