Thursday, April 21

2-Minute Business Card Holder

2-Minute Business Card Holder using simple materials:

Glue stick
Business cards

Here's how to make them:
1. fold a piece of cardstock in half creating a "pouch"
2. measure your business card and trim the pouch leaving at least 1/2 or more border
3. tape up the 2 sides (I tried different kinds of tape, regular and double sided, both worked great)
4. use a glue stick and fully cover the edges and corners on the back of your business card, center it on your pouch, & press down to secure
5. add 10 business cards inside (I put mine vertically so people could see them sticking out)
6. Viola! You're done! Use thumb tacks or staples to hang them on your community bulletin boards along with your colored flyer.

Happy flyer posting!

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