Tuesday, April 19

Road Art: Car meets sculpture

I thought I'd share with you a magazine that I look forward to reading called READY MADE. The cover of this magazine (Feb/Mar 2001) really hit home with me as it reminded me of my days living in California. I am a not a surfer, I've never actually really tried (kind of afraid of the big, dark blue ocean!) but loved watching the brave souls out in the water. I thought it was quite clever of the artist, Jay Nelson, to convert his old car into a camper. When I first saw this I dove into the article imaging myself running away to the coast in Jay's camper! Things are not very promising for Matt and I as Art Teachers here in Pennsylvania...talks of cutting the Art Departments and furloughs :( But we are keeping every bone in our body crossed that Administration and School Districts will get creative and figure out how to keep all departments. So, I'm sending lots of "good energy" to the Art Gods, Job Gods, and Superintendents to help keep us here in PA.!

Enjoy the article Ready Set Go here! Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to upcycle an old car!
Happy Creating! Chelsea

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