Thursday, June 23

Chubby Bird experiment!

Well, I've been messing around with a few new nursery room decor items and couldn't help but laugh for 3 whole minutes at my new fabric bird that seems a bit chubby for my liking! His beak seems to have been "lost in translation" during my sewing frenzy! I had 35 minutes to figure out how to sew this little bird together before I had to close up the studio for the day. I enjoy sewing but I usually do it wrong the first time, well more like backwards or something. I do this with everything! I guess that's how I learn and I always recall the first time I make anything probably because it was all messed up and lots of grumbling at myself for not taking the time to do correct in the first place.

So, with a few simple adjustments, mental notes (like make a larger seem allowance so I don't have to resew tearing areas!), & different material to stuff my next bird, I think Bird No.2 will be much sweeter! I had a gently used teddy bear who's stuffing was coming out so I recycled his fiber fill into the chubby bird's body. I think pillow batting will be less bulgy but I was looking to just use scraps and not spend a dime for this experiment. I guess some corners you just shouldn't cut (like beaks!!!)

I do love the fabric this bird is made of...something very relaxing and uplifting about this purple and the design reminds me of some intricate Indian pattern. I've started a pile of usable scraps to continue designing birds to list on Etsy soon.

Tomorrow is Fourth Friday on Main Street Muncy in which I will have a booth to sell my latest aprons. They are giving out Free Ice Cream Cones and there will be many other artists there including a musician. Should be fun! Then 14 more days until the big craft festival in Williamsport, PA called Homemade Days. I'm soooo not ready for it but it's amazing what I can do under pressure. I had lots of practice in art school and grad school!

Ciao for now!

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