Monday, June 20

Where do I get my ideas for my products and art?

Where do I get my ideas for my products and art? Simply put, my daughter Ruby! As a new mom I am always finding beautiful things to decorate Ruby's nursery with, tweaking the set up/layout of her room, and making sweet little items for her to wear.

We are avid library goers & we have a special bag just for her books we borrow each week (helps keep them from getting lost!). Because she's only two years old, I typically pick out the books for us to enjoy at home. My favorite books at this age are ones with beautiful illustrations (first and foremost! I definitely judge a book by its cover!) and rhyming books or at least something with a fun rhythm. I figure if the book is visually interesting and maybe the story not so much, at least we can tweak the verbage since she's not reading, just yet! Although on our way home from a Father's Day picnic yesterday, Ruby shouts out in the middle of our adult conversation, "NO! N, O. NO, NO, NO!" We died laughing and asked her to spell "NO" again. But she proceeded to only say "Yes" for the rest of the ride home. We like to call her "Ruby Reader" when we find her hidding behind her book shelf, quietly thumbing through her favorite books with her monkey blankets on her lap...awwh! I love her soooo much. Mabye we can call her "Ruby Speller" soon!

Okay, back to why I'm blogging about books...many of my inspirations for kids play aprons or wall art come from the books we borrow, giggles we have at evening book time, or the illustrations that we drool over (both Matt & I are Art Teachers and have big dreams of writing and illustrating children's books as a team, one day!).

A popular book series, "The Best Mouse Cookie" by Laura Numeroff & Felicia Bond was the inspiration behind this Baker's Apron. I immediately grabbed this fabric from the store shelf as soon as I saw it and began thinking of this book! The colors seemed very soothing, gender neutral, and the images of baking supplies were vintage in style. Perfect for an ode to "The Best Mouse Cookie" book, simple illustrations that spark your memories to grandma's kitchen and giggles of a busy mouse.

Another favorite book of ours, "Ruby and Bubbles" by Rosie Winstead was the inspiration for this Birdies & Bubbles Apron. Again, I quickly grabbed up this bolt of fabric when my eyes landed on it! I've had it since February and wasn't sure exactly what I would do with it. I just knew it had to become an apron, but couldn't decide what style it would evolve into. Building on the black and white pattern of the fabric and on the book's character, Ruby, who is seen wearing this mod color combo throughout the story the apron was born! I matched the fabric with some bright (Ruby) red ribbon with tiny white dots & embellished the bottom of the apron with some classic embroidered eyelet trim. Viola!

The book, "Herbert the Lion" by Clare Turlay Newberry, excited me to sew this apron! (Apron Title? Not sure what to name it just yet...) I found this book at a children's consignment shop in NY years ago (maybe 8 years or so) and loved the 1930's illustration and colors of golden yellow and robins egg blue. I thought the fabric perfectly matched the colors in the book and the apron's ruffles repeated the curly hair of both the main characters, Herbert and Sally.

For this line of full sized aprons I've decided to not incorporate any of my hand made felt appliqu├ęs. I wanted to design a line of classic aprons that that almost mimicked a pretty dress that all grandma's love to see on their little girls! I wanted to create those little aprons that are sweetly hung in the kitchen after a long day of baking holiday cookies with mommy & grammy. These aprons are a beautiful way to preserve those sweet memories and to one day pass down the apron to the next generation of little bakers & cookie tasters! Successful? I think so!

I hope your next book inspires you to create something beautiful!
Now to come up with official titles for the aprons to list them on Etsy! Hmmm...any suggestions?


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