Thursday, June 16

What's Coming to The Art Stork!

Here are some new features coming soon to The Art Stork Blog!

1. Artist of the Month (local & nationally)--intriguing interviews with artists in all media. Get inside their creative heads & get a private tour of their studios!

2. Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood Series--get to know people that have met and inspired me in my town and surrounding towns. It's a little ode to Sesame Street & their friendly networking approach!

3. Toot My Own Horn Tuesdays--see what projects I have tackled & view the successful results. Not limited to sewing or crafts...maybe giving life to a piece of old furniture, a new dinner recipe, or a beauty secret that one should not live without!

4. New Products! I have a few different apron lines that I will be showcasing this summer. Also, I will finally be introducing my Wall Art line which is where the idea for The Art Stork came from. I have a ton of sketches and plans for some classic nursery room art and some new funky, modern stuff but haven't had the chance to actually create it! So with summer basically here (it's here if you're a teacher in PA!) I have worked out my schedule to take on this chapter!

5. Monthly Giveaways! Whether it is an item from my shop or from another blog, I will post how you can enter and win! It's a great way to see what's brewing out there in the arts & crafts blog world & super easy to get inspired by these artists.

I look forward to these new features & hope you do to!

Ciao for now!

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