Sunday, July 17

Happy Ice Cream Day!

Today is National Ice Cream Day! I hope you had yourself a cone, a dish or a banana split! We've been celebrating since last week with the heat and very sunny days. Ruby loves to enjoy a teeny, tiny cone with us as a special treat when the temperature is hot. It seriously can only hold 1/4 cup of ice cream if you pack it! This picture is of her enjoying a regular sized cone (I tried hard to tell the man at the ice cream store that she really only needed a pinky-sized mound of ice cream! I swear he gave her Mt. Everest instead!) at Muncy's Last Friday event in June.

We sat and listened to Carly Gardner, a local keyboarding star & singer, sing and Ruby licked away at her dripping cone. She got about half way through, right about where the cone starts and she dropped it! Oh boy! I was waiting for a complete melt down but all she said was "Mommy, where's your ice cream cone". I almost fell off the bench! She was looking for mine to eat! Too funny.

Anywho! It's not too late to still get in a bowl of ice cream. I know we have another flavor to try tonight, pistachio something...

Keep cool,

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