Thursday, August 11

Cape Cod Inspirations

Last weekend Matt & I took a trip to the Boston area to meet up with some art school friends (now lawyers! why didn't we go that route?). We spent a day on the Cape enjoying a harbor boat ride, yummy "chowda", and of course some art!

We stumbled upon something known as "Hyannis Harbor Artist Shanties". Most of it was touristy arts/crafts for sale but something in my gut told me to continue on down the small path of brightly colored shanties...I'm so glad I did because I met a wonderful local artist & teacher, Diane Brinker.

She had on display some of her recent abstract work that she explained to me was sort of an experimental body of work focusing on using raw, unstretched canvas and fields of color. After about 20 minutes of "shop talk" (life as a local artists, teaching art lessons, & substitute teaching,) I finally participated in the public art project she was hosting at her shanties. She was inviting the public to paint their self portrait onto tiny rectangles (3"x4" I think?). I complimented her on this fabulous idea (and so did 10 other "teachers" she said that day!) and thought it might be a great activity to have at the upcoming Last Friday on Main Street Muncy. She quickly pointed out to deter too many smiley faces (which will spread like wild fire!) you can just cover up that square with white paint once it's dry.

The painting wasn't quite filled up when we added my portrait so I wonder how it came out? There were some really great portraits! Matt named me the "Sea Hag". I guess I had fabulously wind blown hair after our bumpy boat ride (or least I'll pretend that's the meaning behind it :)). Oh, yah. My hair really isn't purple! I couldn't for the life of me mix brown that day. Maybe I painted my avatar?

I hope this inspires you to start your own public art project at your next community's event!


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Port Penn Peddler said...

Love it! And love MA...I used to live in Berkshire County and Kurt and I try to get up there at least once a year; used to visit P-Town all the time; and lived on a sailboat one summer in Boston Harbor. Glad you enjoyed!