Wednesday, September 14

Next Art Show...

Today I'm sewing my brains out getting ready for my town's Art & Corvette Show! (Yes, I switched around the words...I'm there as an artist, right?!!!) For this event I will have "Mommy & Me Matching Apron Sets" for sale in a variety of fabrics and styles (modern chickens, black and white designs & mango peach polka dots to name a few). I'm trying to keep my piles and messes under control but with only 2.5 more days to go it's starting to crazy in the studio!

My favorite part of art festivals is designing the layout of my booth. I will probably have 101 ideas in the next few days and of course will end up using my first few ideas! I have some new display fixtures that I'm borrowing and a few that I've been working on like the vintage mannequinns that will some how be incorporated into my booth.

Hope to see you at the show!

Saturday Sept. 17th 10-4pm

Main Street Muncy, PA

Chelsea the Sewing Queen

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