Monday, September 12

Toot My Own Horn Tuesday: Laptop Case

I finally replaced my old dinosaur of a Mac with a PC (sad to go back but it's a price thing!) and love it, love it, love it! It's super fast, great features and looks pretty sleek. All it was missing was a laptop cozy or something for it to snuggle up in when I travel. I've been bookmarking different DIY's on sewing a variety of laptop cases and some were even no-sew style. It's taken me about 2 weeks now to finally make a decision on the style and fabric....drum roll please!

I used cloth dinner napkins with brown & white modern print, scrap felt, and scrap quilting batting to give it some cushion. I had about 35 minutes to design, cut and sew this laptop case . It's not perfect but fun and it gets me excited about fall coming with it's brown color scheme!

Now that I've have one I want to make many, many more! I love sewing!

Happy Tuesday ~Chelsea

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