Thursday, December 22

Ruffle Host Apron!

I finally got to my DIY pile of projects today and whipped up this little hostess apron. Yes, it is an inspiration from Anthropologie's line of fabulous aprons! Over the summer I treated myself to a "visual tour" through the Anthropologie store in Boston. I drooled the entire time as I checked out every single rack but I am proud to say that I left without buying anything! I wanted to prove to myself that I could too make something fabulous & flirty with my stash fabric. So what do you think? Was I successful!?!

Ruffle skirt from Old Navy

 Ruffle Apron Detail

Ruffle Hostess Apron

By the way, I'm addicted to ruffles! There's is something so fun, flirty, feminine, and romantic about them.

~Chelsea O.

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