Friday, December 23

Easy Mini Tree Skirt!

I've been bookmarking tons of tree skirts that I have come across for the past 2 months and today I finally made one! I decided to go with the natural and neutral tree skirt look so that it matches what ever is placed under the tree this year. Also, I love all shades of white...something simple, Victorian, and elegant in this color scheme! I used only materials I had on hand to help slim down my fabric stash that looks like the Tower of Pisa. *** And yes, my 2 year old, Ruby, happily decorated the tree! You'll notice all the decoration are only on one side of the tree and many of them share the same tree limb! Designer is training!

This is a quick Visual Tutorial (with simple directions) that will help inspire you to make one in under 90 minutes:

lace trim
straight pins
fabric scissors


1) Measure from the trunk of your mini tree using a yardstick to the edge of your imagined skirt

2) Double fold muslin (this will give it substance and bulk)

3) Create a square based on your measurements (mine was 35 inches)

4) Fold muslin into triangles

5) Use a pencil with string tied to end and create a homemade compass to draw your circle

6) Cut the circle edge

7) Find a small circle and center on the skirt circle for your skirt neck (I used a pickle jar! It was lying next to me & I didn't have to get up!)

8) Cut up the circle to the skirt neck and carefully cut out the small neck

9) Pin the lace ruffle trim to the top edge of the skirt going slowly and smoothing as you go

10) Zig Zag stitch the lace ruffle trim

11) Repeat with the lace ruffle trim to the skirt neck BUT also now add the ribbon ties. These are sandwiched inbetween the layers of muslin to hide and secure the ties.

12) TRIAL FIT!!! before you make you last stitches double check this skirt fits well and the ties are how you want them.

13) Zig Zag stitch the inside edges (this stitch will quickly keep your edges from unraveling and the white thread I used adds a nice detail to the overall look!)

14) Tie you new Easy Mini Tree Skirt to you lovely Christmas tree and add presents!

Merry Christmas!
Chelsea Elf

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