Friday, January 27

A New Direction for 2012

My 2012 New Year's Resolution was to reevaluate The Art Stork and to focus on my mission & purpose...

Things have changed for me in terms of my daily life. I am happily working full time in an educational outreach office at a local college (yeah--set hours and a steady paycheck!). It's not teaching which is my background but it is still within the education industry. My colleagues have acknowledged my artistic and creative abilities and allow me to use them in many formats for the office (creating awesome event flyers, event organizing, and curriculum writing are some of my favs!). They have also helped me network within the art circles here in the community to help satisfy some of my creative and entrepreneurial desires that involve The Art Stork, teaching art to children and adults, and pushing my innovative ideas to fruition.

So let's talk about my blog. There are some really great blogs and bloggers out there that I love to visit, recommend and take inspiration from. At this point I'm going to go "AD FREE" and just fill my posts with what is going on with me & The Art Stork. I'm not ready to host GIVEAWAYS from The Art Stork but instead will maybe post about giveaways I'm entering. I will eventually post REAL tutorials but I'm figuring out the best format for that because we all know that a great tutorial does take time and effort for it to be seamless. That's one of my biggest pet peeve is to find a tutorial and realize it's incorrect or missing parts--ugh!

ArtStorkSocial Media...I'm on the fence about using Facebook. I find it difficult to stay on top of it. I find it VERY distracting to even go post something quickly about The Art Stork and sucking up way too much of my time! I know it's the most used forum but it's really just not me. So, I'm not making a decision just yet about whether I will keep my presence there until I research it some more. What I don't like is that they keep changing their rules and format just when I get the hang of it. FB=to be continued!

So with all that said, the New Year is bringing a new Art Stork! Look for new images/logos, new products (library tote bags, tea party accessories, children's clothing), art classes & DIY workshops, art birthday parties, and finally launching my website that has been in the works for a year now (I wanted it perfect before it was live but that can't happen because perfection is something that must "simmer" until it's just right!).

Cheers to 2012!

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