Sunday, February 5

Pre-Valentine's Day Painting!

9 days until the big XOXO day! I'm really excited this year to celebrate this holiday with Ruby. I think it's a wonderful time to teach her how to be kind & thoughtful of others  by making sweet little cards to give to her classmates and family. So, to be sure I actually follow through with my ideas, we started our Valentine's Day crafting early. 

Instead of copping out and buying some pre-made valentines we gathered up some supplies we had in storage. 

Purple & pink paint
card stock
*heart stencil  
(*salvaged from the Hello Kitty Matching Game...I knew it would come in handy!)

 I talked to Ruby about Valentine's Day and why we make cards as I put out all the supplies & she picked out her art apron. I didn't want to tell her what to make so instead after I set up our art station I asked her what she wanted to do. She was very curious about the heart stencil so I showed her on scrap paper how to trace the hearts. She was super excited and asked me to trace them in a row on the card stock. She picked out her paint colors (bright fuschia and electric pink) and used the tiniest brush available to paint in her hearts. I was impressed with her process and ideas! She painted ever so slowly, reloading her brush often and really taking the time to paint, not just scribble!

Valentine No. 1
Valentine No. 2
Abstract Valentine No. 3

Pink School House with Polka Dots

Artist Ruby Laine in her Zen!

Eventually she asked me to fold some paper into cards and then begin naming who each valentine was for. We probably spent 45 minutes on this project and could have gone longer but we got distracted by a cup of hot cocoa and painting a pink & purple school with polka dots! Love this girl! 

Chelsea & Ruby XOXO

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