Wednesday, July 4

Chore Chart Adventures!

This is what I came home to the other day! Ruby's favorite stuffed animal named "Rosie" was shoved into her mini terra cotta pot adorned with her flowers she earned for completing her chores. I laughed out loud and had to show and tell! I wonder what was going on her little creative brain when she decided to put her BFF into it...I wonder what Rosie is thinking?

Ruby: Come on Rosie! You can play in my garden.
Rosie: I'm not sure I'll fit?
Ruby: Shhh. Stop talking Rosie and get in here. You'll love it! (Squish squish squish!)
Rosie: Is this going to be an experiment in water displacement theory minus the water?
Ruby: No. There's no water out here. But it's going to be an experiment in squishment theory! See!? you fit!
Rosie: (Sigh.) I guess. What are BFF's for?

It might be time to read some old Calvin and Hobbes books & laugh an afternoon away!

Ciao for now,

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