Thursday, September 20

Ohh la la! Adventures in Face Painting

Last Saturday I offered face painting at the Muncy Corvette & Art Show to change things up a little bit. The previous year I displayed my artsy aprons and sold some silhouette portraits. Sales were low even though people seemed to love my art work. I decided that an art and car show would again be a tough crowd for my type of art and sewing and that I needed something that children and parents would enjoy--FACE PAINTING! Needless to say my booth was a hit. I had my first costumer at about 10:15 am and painted right up to the closing of the event. My friend Lara from Port Penn Peddler had to come over 30 minutes before the end to remind me of the time and she kindly helped take down my signs to hint to people in line and walking by that this was the last call for pirates, tigers, and tiaras! I thought it was only noon at that time and was totally surprised how fast the day flew by. I didn't take one break the entire day for food, the bathroom or even a sip of water. I guess I was in my zone!

 So here are some pictures of kids who had their faces painted by artfully yours! Next year I will need an assistant to take more pictures (I did some awesome neon mustaches that I didn't photograph) and maybe help with the cheek art which takes almost as long as a mask.

I had a blast and I think I found my niche for future art festivals! I loved talking with the kids, walking them through the steps and most of all their surprised faces when they first saw their make up finished. Face painting will be added to my Art Parties list of ideas...stay tuned for that new adventure next!

Avatar Art Faces

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